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Every medicaid specialist knows how difficult it is to keep all the different pieces together

Meet aidace,


Optimize the transition to
long-term Medicaid

An app thats genuinely smart

Empower your medicaid team with AI powered alerts, reminders, reports and simplified workload.

Plug and play

No data entry, BOMs can see complete census, profile and updates in real time.



Case Management

Manage Medicaid applications and track activity from preparation through final approval while ensuring you collect all required documents and organize deadlines and Medicaid communications.


Leverage technology with Aidace’s UR/IDT resident list that is designed to save you time by eliminating weekly manual updates.

Automated Alerts

Extensive alert system keeps track of application’s progress across all residents and facilities to flag any potential problems and ensure you won’t miss any notifications. User permissions allow you to customize who gets the alert and if allowed to dismiss or snooze. Real time data feed from the API immediately alerts if there is a change in PCC that can affect any part of the Medicaid application or billing process.


Easily export resident lists and your chosen filters at any time. Simply subscribe to a report and send to selected recipients at your designated time. With our reports feature, you can build out a customized report to guide you in generating the type of report YOU want to see your reports and not just a predetermined one.

PASRR/Level Of Care Eligibility

Workflow handles all necessary steps to ensure applicable PASRR and state-specific, Level of Care submissions have been completed and approved alongside the Medicaid application process.

Financial Eligibility

Case-view snapshots display resident eligibility for Medicaid, including income figures, assets, potential penalties, and spend-downs to help achieve eligibility using our tools designed to manage and track the eligibility journey.


Gives overall perspective to keep you informed of Medicaid applications, elder care, high risk cases, income trusts, and spend downs in progress through dedicated admin (facility) and resident dashboards. Resident lists, client information, and status along with Medicaid and facility sections are easily viewed in one place with multiple views and filters for a quick 360° view of your facility.

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