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Designed by a busy BOM for busy BOMs

Aidace was created by a team of tech extraordinaires led by a seasoned Regional BOM, Eli Kaplovitz. As Eli lugged his rolling file cabinet from facility to facility he dreamed of a better process. Attempting to go paperless he debuted into spreadsheets which led to a host of new issues. Fed up with his options he set out to create the solution.

Always updating to incorporate new features, Aidace has revolutionized the industry, providing a method to the madness that is Medicaid. Creating a streamlined process that optimizes your Medicaid operations. Navigating your residents from “pending” to “approved” with less effort, time and money.

“Track, Apply, Approve… Repeat”

Faster Approvals
Better Collections
Less Teampower
Shorter AR Calls

The Team that Makes Your Medicaid Process a Dream

Eli Kaplovitz

Chief Executive Officer
In Eli’s previous position as a Regional BOM for a large nursing home chain, he spent his days searching for a Medicaid process alternative and his nights dreaming of a solution. Eli gets great satisfaction in knowing that Aidace is improving the lives of those like him every day. When he is not burning the midnight oil on behalf of the team, Eli enjoys spending time with his family outdoors in the suburbs of NJ.

Jessica Higgins

Customer Success Manager
Jessica has been in the healthcare industry for 24 years, 16 of which she served as a Regional BOM. One of her many responsibilities along the way included redesigning software that was utilized by 2,000 SNFs. In every position she holds, Jessica enjoys helping others by providing knowledge drawn from her vast experience. As a devoted wife and mother of 5, she spends her limited free time reading, writing, planting and caring for her 2 rescue cats.

Patty Munoz

Strategic Medicaid Specialist
Pattie has spent 28 years dedicated to the people of Illinois, as both a caseworker and Regional Administrator of the Department of Human Services. In her words “No matter the position I hold, the chair I sit in, or the hat I wear, I use my knowledge and experience to assist, educate and communicate.” Pattie is grateful to be able to help resolve eligibility issues for Long-Term Care residents. On weekends, Pattie can be found crunching a crossword puzzle with a hot cup of coffee.

Joseph Steep

Regional Business Office Manager
Joseph served as a BOM for the past decade, getting a front row seat to the challenging Medicaid process. He is grateful to have the opportunity to assist others with the intricate details that can’t be forgotten. When he is not focused on helping others ace the maze of Medicaid, Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife and son while enjoying the nature of his hometown.
“I can’t begin to describe the frictionless flow since we began to use Aidace. Our trackers used to have spreadsheets to explain their spreadsheets with hour calls to decipher the pieces for all parties. I always knew there had to be a different way and I’m so thankful that Aidace has created that way.”
Christa Keathley, Regional BOM, The springs Arkansas

Learn why 649 facilities across the nation are choosing to use Aidace

Aidace was created as a solution to replace your scattered spreadsheets with an optimized Medicaid workflow, interactive software and expert guidance. A reality in which tracking patient payers is organized, efficient and streamlined.
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