Aidace advisory

You asked, we listened

Aidace Advisory was created as an answer to our facilities’ requests for manpower to support their software. It is the consulting arm that steps in when the process requires expert Medicaid guidance. Run by a former DHS supervisor who quotes policy for fun and has the relationships and experience to propel outcomes.

Providing the solution

Turning over every possibility to push stalled applications to approval.

Filling the role of Regional BOM to oversee the data in Aidace and prevent mistakes.

Closing the gap to control the havoc that exists in the break in coverage during turnover.

Collecting balances that were long forgotten, written off and filed away.

Turning potential write-offs into collected balances

Forgotten Revenue Collections

Complicated Case Approval

Proper BOM Training

Get a glimpse into the smoothness of the Aidace + Aidace Advisory system

Upon onboarding, a designated representative will train your staff on the program.
Our implementation department will stand by to upload all necessary data into the system.
Once the software setup is complete, your representative will always be available for questions and troubleshooting.
Aidace Advisory can be initiated at any time at the click of a button on your dashboard, whether for guidance or collections.
Once requested, the Aidace Advisory team will pull all relevant information and notes from the system, begin working on your case and document progress in the resident profile.

As easy as a click of a button

Learn why 649 facilities across the nation are choosing to use Aidace

Aidace was created as a solution to replace your scattered spreadsheets with an optimized Medicaid workflow, interactive software and expert guidance. A reality in which tracking patient payors is organized, efficient and streamlined.
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