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With a focus on constant innovation, Aidace is the platform where it's easier done than said. Where there’s a comprehensive system, which flows through every step of the payor transition journey.

The tools you’ve dreamed of

Level of Care Eligibility

The workflow ensures every PASRR and state-specific Level of Care is submitted in due time. Keeping close track that the proper coverage dates are approved alongside the Medicaid application process.

Financial Eligibility

Case view snapshots display resident eligibility for Medicaid, clearly listing income figures, asset balances, spenddown requirements and potential penalties. Creating alerts and task lists that ensure that no detail is forgotten.

Case Management

Manage application status and activity from preparation through approval. Breaking down deadline letter requirements and deadlines. Tracking follow up dates and outcomes to ensure no detail is forgotten.

Short-Term Resident Tracking

An organized short term resident list with customized fields for relevant clinical and financial updates necessary for the Medicaid workflow. A system that doesn’t leave room for important tasks to fall through the cracks.

Automated Alerts

The extensive alert program keeps track of progress and flags any potential problems. User permissions allow the administrator to customize notifications and create a process of checks and balances. The real-time feed from the API immediately alerts to any changes in PCC that will affect eligibility or reimbursement.

Oversight Reporting

Easily export and send tracking lists at any time. Customize reports with extensive filter options, so you only include what you need. Administrative oversight has never been this simple.

Data Insight

A bird’s-eye view of trends and metrics per facility is calculated on the Admin dashboard allowing for transparent insight at a glance. Accessing details on application status, income trusts, spend downs and high risk cases provides data on risk and reimbursement to empower educated decisions.

The information you need, when you need it.

Learn why 649 facilities across the nation are choosing to use Aidace

Aidace was created as a solution to replace your scattered spreadsheets with an optimized Medicaid workflow, interactive software and expert guidance. A reality in which tracking patient payers is organized, efficient and streamlined.
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