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Meet aidace

The software that optimizes the transition to long-term Medicaid.
The tool that ensures your bad debt write offs aren’t due to human error
The power that propels your AR team forward with efficiency
The platform that organizes every piece of communication into a decipherable codified workflow
Your AR representative’s tracking spreadsheet likely resembles a hot mess. With a tizzy of payors, dates and information to track, it’s inevitable that an expensive ball will be dropped.
With aidace you can replace scattered spreadsheets with

Interactive Software

Aidace is the only software that has been uniquely designed for better patient payor tracking at skilled nursing facilities. It was created by a team of tech extraordinaires, led by the seasoned Regional BOM Eli Kaplovitz, with intimate knowledge of the intricate process. Every detail has been incorporated into an efficient workflow that navigates your residents from pending to approval with less effort, time and money.
Providing a method to the madness that is Medicaid.
“Track, Apply, Approve… Repeat”
Faster Approvals
Better Collections
Less Teampower
Shorter AR Calls
Learn why 650 facilities across the nation are choosing Aidace
“I can’t begin to describe the frictionless flow since we began to use Aidace. Our trackers used to have spreadsheets to explain their spreadsheets with hour calls to decipher the pieces for all parties. I always knew there had to be a different way and I’m so thankful that Aidace has created that way.”
Christa Keathley, Regional BOM, The springs Arkansas
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Decreasing Labor, Increasing Outcomes

With a focus on constant innovation, Aidace is the platform where it's easier done than said.
Where there’s a comprehensive system that flows through every step of the payor transition journey, it’s an efficient process that flows from resident admission to spend-down, submission, clinical status, and approval.
  • Payer in PCC

    Admission Data

    New admit data populates from PCC and instantly alerts all involved parties.
  • 2/9

    Patient Payor Tracking

    Residents are divided by payor source: short-term, Medicaid-pending and other payors.
  • 3/9

    Resident Profile

    Alerts and task lists are codified with all relevant details such as Medicaid eligibility, income figures, asset balances, spend-down requirements and potential penalties.
  • 4/9

    Task List

    All team activity is updated in real-time for smooth collaboration.
  • 5/9

    Clinical Requirements

    Every PASRR and state-specific Level of Care is tracked to ensure timely submission and proper coverage.
  • 6/9

    Application Status

    Case status, information needed, caseworker letters and deadlines are neatly tracked for easy follow-up.
  • 7/9

    Insight Dashboard

    Complex fields such as spend down and third-party involvement are labeled and listed for on-demand view.
  • 8/9

    Caseworker Database

    Caseworker contact information and preferences are neatly listed for future reference.
  • 9/9

    UR List

    Short-term residents are organized into a handy resident list for close monitoring and smooth communication.
It's the workflow you need with the features you’ve dreamed of.
Automated Alerts
The extensive alert program keeps track of progress and flags any potential problems. User permissions allow the administrator to customize notifications and create a process of checks and balances. The real-time feed from the API immediately alerts of any changes in PCC that will affect eligibility or reimbursement.
Oversight Reporting
Easily export and send tracking lists at any time. Customize reports with extensive filter options so you only include what you need. Administrative oversight has never been this simple.
Data Insight
A birds-eye view of trends and metrics per facility is calculated on the Admin dashboard allowing for transparent insight at a glance. Accessing details on application status, income trusts, spend downs and high-risk cases provides data on risk and reimbursement to empower educated decisions.
Never write off Medicaid bad debt due to a simple human error again
Aidace was created as a solution to replace your scattered spreadsheets with an optimized Medicaid workflow, interactive software and expert guidance. A reality in which tracking patient payers is organized, efficient and streamlined.
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