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June 9, 2023

Spend-down Tips

Qualifying for Medicaid and acing the application process is important, but during the Unwinding of the PHE it’s a new level.  This blog will discuss some Spend-down Tips and Terms to keep top of mind to optimize your application processes Medicaid Anticipated Date Gather all information to understand when Medicaid will be needed and then […]

Preparing an application

Missed months of eligibility is the bane of every BOM’s existence. Tracking asset limits and clinical levels can get detailed and confusing. All too often updates are received too late and a resident’s application and spend down doesn’t happen in time. Obviously aidace can help you keep track of all these details for advance preparation […]

Common Medicaid Terms....Simplified!

When it comes to Medicaid, well it’s a maze of confusion. The complicated verbiage almost needs its own dictionary. We’ve compiled a list of commonly used terms and their definitions for easy reference when talking to residents and families. LTC Medicaid guidelines require an applicant to meet Financial Eligibility guidelines as well as Medically Needy […]


Medicaid and the end of SOP March 31, 2023 is the date to end all dates. What does that mean for your state’s status on restarting Medicaid redeterminations? On December 29th, the dreaded news was received. The temporary pause on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) would be over as of 3/31/23. So many people will be […]

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